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Chartwell’s LiveNow Program

Promoting an active, social, and fulfilling retirement

At Chartwell, we want you to live your best retirement years feeling safe and supported—but more than that, we want you tofeel a sense of personal fulfillment and contentmentthat has you looking forward to what each day brings in your retirement community.

Born from that philosophy is ourLiveNow life enrichment program. Comprised of different high-quality experiences that promote all six dimensions of wellness—physical, social, emotional, intellectual, vocational, and spiritual—our programming is designed to help you lead the engaging and purposeful lifestyle you deserve.

In your new home, we strive toempower you to pursue your individual passions and embrace opportunities to connectwith people who share similar interests and outlooks as you. That’s why LiveNow is so much more than a calendar of events of activities; it’s about what brings you unique enjoyment and personal accomplishment. Fitness programs, art classes, hobby clubs, discussion groups, higher learning, charitable opportunities, live entertainment, outings, themed social events—you’ll find there’s always something on offer that canentertain you, intrigue you, connect you or challenge you—and the choice is entirely yours.

Our Lifestyle & Program Managers are here to provide you withmemorable experiences that will enrich your daily life, promote your well-being, and foster opportunities to meet and spend time with new friends—both within your retirement residence and in your local community at large, including transportation to great outings in your neighbourhood.

Explore our signature programs to better understand Chartwell’s unique life enrichment experience:

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Artfull Enrichment

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