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Artfull Enrichment | Chartwell's Creative Program for Seniors

Chartwell Chatsworth put together a beautiful display featuring photos and stories of veteran residents

Did you know that creative outlets like visual arts can have a positive impact on the well-being of older adults, includingimproved physical health, stronger social connections, reduced chronic pain and a better ability to cope with stress?

We know the power of the arts and its ability to better your life, which is why we offerArtfull Enrichment, a series of high-quality art programs that promote creative expression, social connectivity, and lifelong learning. Lead by our Lifestyle & Program Managers, these experiences are designed to empower your inner creativity and develop your fundamental skills with things like printable tutorials, art presentations, live workshops and much more.

You’ll find there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy the arts at Chartwell, as we also often celebrate creativity through live musical performances, cultural events, hobby classes and outings.

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