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Java Music Club | Chartwell's Spiritual Health Program

Chartwell Chatsworth put together a beautiful display featuring photos and stories of veteran residents

Spirituality is a very personal thing and can be expressed in a variety of ways—religion, personal values and ethics, or a sense of connection with something greater. No matter how you convey your spirituality, we know that your spiritual wellness has a significant impact on your overall health, including feelings of hope, belonging and purpose.

Java Music Clubis a signature experience that offers an inclusive and approachable way for you to connect with likeminded residents hoping to build a culture of mutual support for one another. Lead by our Lifestyle & Program Managers, meetings of the mind take place in a safe, warm, and inviting atmosphere with a small group, allowing everyone to express themselves and seek support without fear of judgement.


We also offer other spiritual wellness programs from time to time that promote feelings of love, hope and abundance, including meditation and reflection experiences.

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